The Bristol Police Department employs 40 sworn law enforcement personnel and 12 civilians to accomplish their mission.

The Patrol Division consists of 22 officers, excluding supervisors. The 22 officers assigned to patrol are assigned to 3 or 4 beats (depending on a few variables).

Staffing Requirements
The minimum staffing for any given shift will be 3 officers and 1 sergeant. In addition, lieutenants are working during the week on various shifts. The maximum number of officers assigned will be 5 on patrol and 2 supervisors. On any given shift there can be 1 to 3 supervisors working, including the lieutenants.


There is a minimum of 3 beats and the possibility of 4 when there is adequate staff to cover the sections of town. When there is a 4th beat officers will divide beat 2 in half.

There will be 1 officer assigned to each beat, unless it is summertime where 2 additional officers are assigned on foot or bicycle in beat 2, to patrol the downtown area.