Defiance Hose Company



  • Contact: Adam Cabral, Captain
  • Address: 1124 Hope Street


The Defiance Hose Company Number 1 was organized May 31, 1905 and remained housed on the bottom floor of a one room school house until its new, and present quarters, were occupied in April 1929.

1st Motorized Vehicle

The Defiance Company received its first motorized vehicle in August 1926, bringing an end to the town's "Hose Carriage" era.
Defiance Company Group Photo
In addition to fulfilling its commitment of protecting life and property, the company also partook in various activities to strengthen the camaraderie among its membership. Major attractions were base ball, bowling, clam bakes, musters and water battles, with water battling becoming the most prominent. The Defiance were state water battle champs from 1935 - 1951 and state bowling champs from 1961 - 1963.
Female Firefighters
For over 9 decades the Defiance Company remained an all male conclave. Numerous attempts to introduce female firefighters were unsuccessful until June 1997.

Even the annual banquet remained a "stag" event until January 1992, when wives or female companions were finally permitted to attend the function. Although such changes took decades to implement, their impact on department operations have been positive.

100th Anniversary
In June 2005 the company celebrated its 100th Anniversary.
Historic Defiance Company Fighting Fires
History Book
The company published a 134 page book outlining its rich history during the past century. This historical document is now available for purchase by visiting our website.
Current Defiance Company Group Photo