Ever-Ready Engine & Hose Company



  • Contact: Assistant Chief Anthony Sousa
  • Address: 201 Thames Street


The Ever-Ready Engine and Hose Company Number 2 was founded on May 24, 1924. The history, however, of the Ever-Ready Engine and Hose Company Number 2 begins in the mid 1800s. In 1846, the King Philip Fire Company Number 4 was founded. Around 1870, when the new steamers came along, the name was changed to the King Philip Company Number 1. At that time, a state charter was obtained.

On August 13, 1923, an issue arose that would put an end to the King Philip Company Number 1. A special meeting was held to consider whether the company would attend the New England League Muster at Crescent Park. During the meeting, 3 applications for membership were presented and accepted for membership.

A protest was filed to the Board of Engineers and to the Town Council. In a dispute on August 13, 1924, the King Philip Company refused to abide by the decision that was made by the Town Council and the Board of Engineers.

On May 6, the Town Council voted unanimously to instruct the Town Solicitor to evict the King Philip Company from their town-owned location. The King Philip Company vacated the station on Thames Street to occupy a building just north of the old Staples Coal Company's office.

On May 19th, 1924, the Board of Engineers recommended to the Town Council that authorization be given for the King Philip Fire Company to organize a new Company. On the May 24, 1924, a new fire company of thirty members was founded. These were younger members of the King Philip Company. It was however, not until June 4, 1924, that this new company would receive its name, the Ever Ready Engine and Hose Company Number 2, which has been serving our community ever since.

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