Community Development

Community Development Plans and Studies

National Grid Easement Trail Feasibility Study

The Towns of Bristol and Warren have joined together in this effort to investigate a trail connection which would link neighborhoods, open space and schools between the two towns via a bicycle and pedestrian path on the electric easement of the National Grid.
The National Grid Easement trail would offer both towns an opportunity to integrate walking and biking with recreational land uses.

The final DRAFT study report has been prepared and is currently being reviewed by the State of Rhode Island Division of Planning which provided grant funding to conduct this study.  To view the report click here

National Grid Trail Study Cover
​John Gladding House & Store: Conditions Assessment & Feasibility Study

In 2014, the Town of Bristol contracted GMI Architects to conduct an assessment of the physical conditions at the John Gladding house and store buildings in order to provide recommendations for preservation and repair of the historic property.  The study includes the history and significance of the buildings, existing conditions and plans, and options for design and reuse.  As a result of this study, Town officials and community members can create a plan for the preservation and adaptive reuse of the John Gladding property. 
The Gladding properties, pictured above, are located at 205 Thames and 211 Thames Street and are within Bristol's Waterfront Historic District.

2016 Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Town of Bristol has adopted the FEMA approved 2016 Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan.  This plan is important to the town because it helps the Town to plan and receive funding for projects that reduce the risk of injury or damage to property from future natural hazard events such as flooding and hurricanes.

Community Partnerships Center-Roger Williams University

The Community Partnerships Center at Roger Williams University provides opportunities for students teams to partner with local government, nonprofit groups and other communities to complete projects that benefit the community and allow students to gain real world experience in almost every area of education provided at RWU.

CPC has partnered with the Town of Bristol on multiple projects.  Below are a few examples of the excellent work student teams have provided the Town with.
CPC Waterfront Design

Urban Design of Bristol Waterfront, Lower Thames Street

The School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation partnered with the Town of Bristol to provide ideas, plans, and cost estimates for the revitalization of the Bristol Naval Reserve Armory and associated waterfront development.  The complete project includes 12 design concepts the Town can draw upon for ideas going forward.
Walley School

Walley School Community Arts Feasibility Study

During the 2011-2012, students developed a study exploring the use of Walley School as an anchor for an Arts District within downtown Bristol.  The study concludes with a preferred design scheme for the Walley School determined by community workshops and a cost estimate for proceeding with the design.  Download the full study to see all of the ideas presented.
Completed Projects

Guiteras School Stormwater Retrofit Project

The Town of Bristol's Department of Community Development recently completed construction of the Guiteras School Stormwater Retrofit Project at Guiteras Elementary School located at 35 Washington Street.  The Guiteras School Building, constructed in 1920, occupies a prominent location overlooking Bristol Harbor and Silver Creek.  Landscaped lawn areas surrounding the school building extend to the shoreline of Silver Creek and commonly attract flocks of Canada Geese.  In addition, impervious surfaces on the property (building roofs and pavement) as well as other compacted turf surfaces pitched towards Silver Creek allow stormwater runoff from the site to flow uncontrolled and untreated to the creek and into Bristol Harbor.  

The purpose of this project was to redirect, capture, and treat runoff from the Guiteras School property to limit the transport of pollutants and improve overall water quality in the lower portions of Silver Creek and Bristol Harbor.  The Town incorporated stormwater best management practices (BMPs) that will work in harmony with the existing school facility and improved water quality.

This project is an important part of a larger multi-year effort by the Town of Bristol to improve water quality and restore habitats within the Silver Creek watershed.  Working in partnership with the Bristol-Warren Regional School District, the Guiteras School Community parent-teacher organization, Save the Bay, and Save Bristol Harbor, the Guiteras School property was redesigned to provide water quality treatment while also accommodating all necessary school functions and activities.  This project was funded in part by a Clean Water Act Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Grant administered by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) Office of Water Resources. 
Above: The front of Guiteras School before project (left) and after project (right).
Above: The side of Guiteras School at Silver Creek before (left) and after (right).
Above: The rear playground and parking area of Guiteras School before (left) and after (right).