Camp Pamphlet

Welcome to Bristol Parks & Recreation's Summer Camp; "Camp Poppasquaw". We are looking forward to a great summer, filled with fun & interesting activities for your child. This pamphlet will explain our camp, as well as answer some of the questions that you may have.

  • Name- Bristol's Town Camp is named "Camp Poppasquaw". This name reflects the history of the beautiful area where our camp is held.
  • What Campers Should Bring To Camp- It's highly encouraged to pack your camper a bathing suit, towel, sun block,swimming shoes, a water bottle, snack or money to buy a snack and lunch or money to buy lunch if they don't want to participate in the free lunch program.
  • Quinta-Gamelin Community Center- We now have an indoor facility to use for special events and on inclement weather days. Camp will still be held, on most days, down at the Town Beach and our day will begin under the pavilion at the beach.
  • Weather Conditions- We have an indoor facility at the Quinta-Gamelin Community Center, just up the road from our summer camp office, and in the event of inclement weather we will either begin, or move our camp indoors. Please consider that the size of our new community center will limit the amount of children that we can accommodate on rainy days. In the event of extreme weather conditions we may have to cancel camp, so please check the towns website at under "news flash" on the front page (scroll down) or call the office at 253-1611.
  • Times- The camp day begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. Please pick up your child no later than 3:00.  You MUST be on time.
  • Free Breakfast & Lunch- Through the RI Department of Education (RIDE) we are able to offer a free healthy breakfast & lunch to all campers and staff who are under 18 years of age.
  • Beach- Although we have the beach sand sifted and cleaned, we do not have control over what the tide brings in.We recommend that children bring aqua-socks or old sneakers for swimming. Don't forget your Sunblock!
  • Behavior- For the safety and fun for all the children, physical aggression will not be tolerated. Children will be encouraged to resolve conflicts in an appropriate manner without the use of abusive language. Adults will be involved as needed. Short time outs will be used, but not over used. Parents will receive a discipline notice, or a phone call and if the behavior continues, the child will not be allowed back to camp. Any device which may be considered a dangerous weapon, will be taken and the child will be sent home immediately. Parents &/or proper authorities will be contacted. The Director will make the decision of a child's removal on a case-by-case basis.
  • Cell Phones and Texting- Talk to your child about using their cell phone at camp. Phones should be used sparingly. Please encourage your child to be active. Excessive texting and calling is distracting and unnecessary. 
  • Lost and Found- We do have a lost and found, however, children must be reminded to be responsible for their own property. Cell phones, iPods, handheld gaming devices, etc. are expensive and parents should consider the risk of them being lost when allowing their child to bring them to camp. The Department of Parks & Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Bus Behavior- There is no supervision at the pick up and drop off locations. Supervision will start once the child enters the bus. Bus behavior will be closely monitored. Misbehavior on the bus will resume in the child not being allowed back on the bus. No food or drinks are allowed on the bus.
  • Skate Park- The skate park is not a supervised area. Children will not be allowed to go to the skate park while in camp. Any child who is registered in the program, found at the share park will be returned to their group. Parents who allow their child to "hang out" at the skate park, must give their child a written permission slip each morning to be given to the Director or Assistant Director by 9:00 AM. If a child is coming to the park, to use the skate park, they cannot use our bus transportation as a means to travel. Parents must understand that if their child is at the skate park, they are not in the camp that day and will not be supervised.
  • Tennis- Tennis is a scheduled activity and is not a separate program.
  • Arts & Crafts- We will have Arts & Crafts classes scheduled for each age group throughout the week. 
  • Sunblock- Please make sure your child has sunblock and a hat to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun. Children are responsible for supplying and applying their own sunblock. Note: Sunblock is best when applied 15-30 minutes prior to exposure to the sun.
**No Camp Monday, July 3rd, Tuesday, July 4th and Wednesday, July 5th.**