Electronic Payment System

Online Payments
The Town of Bristol now accepts electronic payments for real estate and motor vehicle taxes.

Direct Payments
You authorize electronic payment of your taxes by completing the Authorization for Direct Payment Form (PDF) and returning it to the Finance Department.

Payment Plan Options

There are several options relating to how your taxes can be paid with electronic payment. The following indicates the payment options and when money will be deducted from your checking or savings account.

Your tax will be divided into eleven equal installment amounts; the first payment will be made August 15; your last installment June 15.

The installment is due dates as indicated on the tax bill.

Pay your bill on August 15.

Important Notes
  • All electronic payments will be made on the 15th or the first work day following.
  • If you begin the payment plan during the tax year your payment options will be discussed with you.
  • This electronic payment option is available only on up to date taxpayer accounts.
  • Insufficient funds and/or returned payments will result in return processing fees and may result in termination of this payment option.