Town Projects

An Overview

The Town of Bristol regularly reviews opportunities that will improve our local community. Some projects are years in the making, so we want to make sure you know where we stand on each of them.

The Bristol Project Tracker (as seen on the right) gives a snapshot of the status of each town project and illustrates what work has been completed.

Phase 1: The Town determines the scope of the project, inspectors provide the Town will an initial cost to complete the project.

Phase 2: Bristol funds projects through grants or public financing.

Phase 3: The Town makes any necessary changes to the project.

Phase 4: Depending on the type of project, the Town needs to secure State and Local permits.
Phase 5: The Town accepts bids from companies who will be doing the work. The lowest bid gets the contract.

Phase 6: The project is actively being worked on. Visible changes can be seen by the public.

Phase 7: Project Completion.

To learn more about a specific project, please click a summary category below.
Project Complete

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